Tawreeq Holdings Limited, with presence in the UAE and Luxembourg, specializes in comprehensive Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solutions for Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) and their corporate clients across the MENA region connecting them to regional and international trade hubs. Tawreeq’s solutions are made available through state-of-the-art SCF technology platforms swiftly connecting suppliers, buyers and investors.

Tawreeq Holdings Limited undertook a novel approach by introducing the world’s first comprehensive Sharia-compliant SCF solutions to provide SMEs in the region with the needed support to grow and Corporates with competitive added value while offering alternative competitive asset-class investments for Investors.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Philosophy
  • Values

To be the leading and preferred Sharia-compliant Supply Chain Finance (SCF) provider for SMEs and their Corporate partners in the public and private sectors in the MENA region with global outreach and innovative technology to expand regional trade and facilitate growth and employment.


To provide innovative, Sharia-compliant, convenient and customized SCF receivables and payables programs for SMEs and their Corporate counterparts. In parallel, build and retain a reputation for trust, quality and reliability in order to establish Tawreeq as the partner of choice and create long-term relationships.


The philosophy of Tawreeq Holdings Limited is the founding cornerstone and the story behind how Tawreeq came to be a reality. Our core values, vision and mission are at their depth, a result of the profound understanding that in order to see change, we need to be the very change we envision. We established Tawreeq with a vision to change the way MENA does business and our philosophy is a genuine reflection of our vision. We will remain committed to our core values and build our business relationships, our corporate culture and our future roadmap with the utmost commitment to “TAWREEQ PHILOSOPHY”.


Our core values are a basic reflection of our philosophy, our vision and where we see the future of Tawreeq. They are the guiding principles that dictate our code of conduct and actions.

EMPOWERMENT:  At Tawreeq we strive to support and provide services to as many SMEs as we can, to embed the solutions that alleviate some of the financial burdens that are choking their growth path. To empower we should ourselves be empowered to believe in the value we create and the change we make that has a positive ripple effect across the economic value chain; that is why it is our first and foremost value to start by being committed to our team, our vision and our partners.

INNOVATION:  Being a world’s first innovative concept ourselves, we started with innovation, and we can only grow with it. To be able to empower and uphold our commitment to integrity, we need to first remain committed to our innovative proposition for continuous improvement and growth. Our value “innovation” is our principle to identify new opportunities and grow with our partners by successful development and deployment of new valuable products and technology.

INTEGRITY:  To be true to our vision and goal to empower and support growth and employment across MENA, we need to remain committed to our core value of integrity. At Tawreeq we are committed to acting responsibly, ethically and with transparency with our partners. We set high standards for our products and services. Our value “integrity” is a guiding principle to provide the solutions that add value, empower growth and ethically deal with our partners in structuring needed programs.

Tawreeq was established with the profound belief to support our business community with innovative SCF solutions that empower SMEs and their corporate partners and instill integrity in the entire ecosystem. Ever since its inception in 2014, Tawreeq has invested its efforts into being a socially responsible organization.

At Tawreeq, CSR is the confluence of what we believe and where we envision the future of our region. To us, Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of life, and how we grow is a reflection of our commitment to our core values and underlying conviction that ethical business is good business.

As a reflection of our dedication to our CSR efforts, Tawreeq Holdings Limited subsidiary Dar Al Tawreeq was awarded, for three years in a row, the prestigious Dubai Chamber CSR Label 2016, 2017 and 2018 Dubai Chamber CSR Label.

      OUR TEAM      

Tawreeq’s Board of Directors comprises of leading figures in the region with extensive experience in the financial services sector and Islamic finance sectors. Tawreeq Holdings group was founded and is managed by experienced and versatile banking professionals.

Tawreeq Holdings Limited management has been active in the region for over 25 years with a wide network of finance professionals across MENA and internationally. Tawreeq’s team of dedicated bankers, IT professionals and SME experts bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our group.


Our team is a dynamic group of well-experienced banking professionals that believe in the need to capture gaps in the financial ecosystem in terms of serving the SME sector.


Our SME team has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by SMEs and startups in terms of access to liquidity needed for optimising working capital and scalability of operations, which is captured through our innovative tailored and structured solutions.


We believe in introducing smart technologies to better serve the market, expand new horizons and re-establish the way B2B interacts!


Our investment professionals are strongly knowledgeable in complete investment solutions for investors by offering alternative fixed income investment opportunities through diverse securitization and investment strategies.


At Tawreeq, we are on a mission to provide corporates, SMEs and investors with smart Supply Chain Finance and investments solutions that help drive the success of their business. Our products and services are innovative when compared to traditional business finance and we are ambitious about where our journey will take us. Our people are our most important assets. Do you think you have what it takes to grow and succeed with us? If so, come work with us!