News – Tawreeq Holdings attends the 42 Annual Forfaiting Conference in Dubai


September 28, 2015 – Tawreeq Team was pleased to attend the 42nd International Trade and Forfaiting Annual Conference and celebrate the acceptance of Tawreeq as a new member of the International Trade & Forefaiting Association (ITFA).

The conference extended over the course of three days, held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, and was rich with interesting sessions and ideas shared by prominent speakers from the industry.

At Tawreeq Holdings we are very pleased to be a new member of International Trade & Forefaiting Association (ITFA). Founded in 1999, ITFA, previously known as IFA, is a worldwide trade association for companies, financial institutions and intermediaries engaged in trade and forfaiting.

ITFA brings together institutions engaged in originating and distributing trade related risk, and finding creative ways to mitigate threats. The association is a forum for its members to exchange insights and cooperation to expand the business profitably and safely.

At Tawreeq we are pleased to join such an esteemed association that brings like-minded organizations together to promote the industry. As a member in ITFA we are keen to working further to promote and facilitate the expansion of trade and forfaiting in MENA. The region is an integral emerging market; especially with the key role it plays in international trade.

Tawreeq’s base in the UAE will help in promoting the growth of Supply Chain Finance, especially as Dubai rises as a global hub for international trade.

It was an opportunity to meet peers in the industry and exchange thoughts on the outlook for the market and means of cooperation to expand the industry reach in the region.