Tawreeq Holdings Group CEO, Haitham Al Refaie, shares his views on the regional Supply Chain Finance operation


In an interview with Global Supply Chain magazine, Tawreeq Holding Group CEO, Haitham Al Refaie, sheds light on the regional Supply Chain Finance (SCF) landscape, emphasizing on the growing appetite for SCF and Tawreeq’s active role in spreading awareness of its advantages to corporates, Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) and financial institutions.       

Al Refaie goes on to highlight the potential of SCF, although still in its infancy, and how it is gradually setting the course to turn the economies in the region around. Al Refaie also touches upon the power of technology and its ability to disrupt supply chains, emphasizing the need for technology-enabled SCF solutions and how Tawreeq’s specialized platforms are poised to make SCF convenient and accessible to global stakeholders, while also shedding light on how open account trade is enabled through SCF techniques.