Tawreeq Holdings Limited participates in Receivables Finance International Convention in London


Tawreeq Holdings Limited participated in the 18th Annual Receivables Finance International Convention on March 14th and 15th, 2018 at London. The theme of this year’s convention was ‘Defining the Future of Working Capital Finance’ with Tawreeq Holdings Limited, as a thought leader, presenting a case study on the International Perspective of Receivables Finance.

Mark Smyth, Chief Investments Officer, represented Tawreeq Holdings Limited to present the case study, sharing insights from an international market where receivables is experiencing significant growth.

Tawreeq presented a review of the industry in comparison to other regions to determine what factors are driving growth while identifying opportunities for businesses and classifying risk mitigation strategies. Tawreeq also touched upon the predictions for the industry in the year with emphasis on the factors that will drive growth and stability.

Tawreeq stressed on how working capital management is becoming a greater priority for businesses, enabling the receivables finance industry to gain traction, especially across emerging markets. With a surge of new digital technology, the GCC governments’ continued support for SMEs, introduction of Dubai’s Blockchain, Strategy, and Supply Chain Finance emerging as a lucrative investment opportunity, Tawreeq conveyed that the future ahead seems promising.

Tawreeq Holdings Limited is pleased to have been given the opportunity to participate as a thought leader and share vital information on Receivables Finance on a global platform.