Tawreeq Holdings participates in the Fifth Alternative Finance Investor Roadshow


Tawreeq Holdings participated in the Fifth Alternative Finance Investor Roadshow at London on November 28, 2017.

Representing Tawreeq Holdings were Mark Smyth – Chief Investments Officer and David Moscato – Senior Director who presented two of Tawreeq’s new flagship products – Tawreeq Marketplace and Tawreeq Global Sukuk, while casting light on its offerings and giving insight into strategic investment partnership opportunities.

Tawreeq Marketplace is a global marketplace for working capital that bridges the gap between businesses and Funders, giving businesses access to liquidity while connecting Funders to underlying competitive yielding opportunities in Supply Chain Finance (SCF) at a transactional level. Tawreeq Global Sukuk is an Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) based company that specializes in first-of-its-kind short-term investment certificate issuances that offer attractive returns and provides a wide range investors access to an alternative investment in underlying trade and Supply Chain Finance (SCF) assets.

The event, organized by Reed Smith, saw other alternative finance providers present investable opportunities and served as an ideal platform for Tawreeq to showcase unique investment opportunities in Supply Chain Finance through its flagship products that present the market with competitive alternative asset-class investments that are able to provide a superior yield along with strategic investment partnership opportunities.