Tawreeq Holdings Participates in the Trade Receivables Securitisation Summit in London


Joining regulators, investors and finance providers from around the world, Tawreeq Holdings, a pioneer in comprehensive Sharia Compliant Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solutions was pleased to participate in the 2nd Trade Receivables Securitisation Summit in London on the 16th of May.

Organised by BCR Publishing and Clifford Chance, the event covered the latest developments in trade receivables securtisation including new deals, markets, investor appetite, off-balance sheet treatments, credit risk and the impact of new ‘disruptive’ technologies.

Tawreeq Holdings was proud to be a representing voice for the MENA region on the session of ‘Pinpointing Future Market Opportunities’, represented by the Chief Investment Officer, Mark Smyth. Mark provided the forum with an oversight on the current state of Supply Chain Finance in the Middle East North Africa region, emphasising the scope and nature of the opportunities available in the area of securitisation.

The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities for the industry across various markets. Mark highlighted the importance of conducting a thorough KYC on counter-parties when performing MENA–based transactions and the impact of low energy prices on trade payments throughout the region. He went on to speak about the challenges faced by the region, stressing on the importance and availability of trade credit insurance from major global insurers. Smyth’s remarks provided participants with a comprehensive overview of the promising growth potential for trade receivables securitisation programs, especially in the GCC markets.

Tawreeq Holdings is a UAE – Luxembourg based group that have developed a novel approach in providing tailored Sharia Compliant liquidity solutions to create financial inclusion for businesses, especially Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), to help them overcome challenges faced in accessing finance through working capital solutions.

The high-level participation from delegates and the quality of the technical briefings left participants with credible insight. The conference provided an opportune platform for Tawreeq Holdings to exchange insights with major industry players and the Group looks forward to participating in the next edition.