Trends set to trigger a transformation in the Supply Chain Finance market


Supply Chain Finance has seen enormous advancement in the recent years with many economies extensively embracing it while corporates introduce global programs; new providers offer competitive solutions and funders are keen to explore Supply Chain Finance as a viable alternative option.

The use of technology has played an integral part in Supply Chain Finance, reshaping the way the SCF industry functions. But a majority of these technology-enabled platforms were conceptualized in mature SCF markets, making their implementation relatively challenging in new markets due to change in regulations and market expectations. Thus, a demand for agile technology-enabled solutions with customizable processes that have the ability to adapt based on opportunities available across multiple markets, is on the rise.

The quality of data available on businesses has seen a drastic change over the years with businesses and governments shifting from paper-based recording to recording transactions online with the adaptation of technology. This has in turn resulted in the opportunity for Supply Chain Finance providers to offer holistic, 360 degree solutions based on this data rather than just focusing on individual needs, thus reducing costs and time involved in accessing finance.

Offering working capital liquidity at the best possible cost to businesses has always been the primary focus Supply Chain Finance providers. But the increase in technology-enabled solutions will steer the way not just for cost-based but also value-based SCF solutions, creating a demand for versatile, convenient, secure and user-friendly solutions that are on par with present B2C interfaces.

These trends are set to trigger a transformation in the Supply Chain Finance Industry in the coming years and have the potential to vastly enhance this market globally. Tawreeq Holdings is poised to be in keeping with these trends, offering comprehensive, agile Supply Chain Finance solutions across the GCC, Africa and CIS markets that are delivered using stat-of-art technology platforms, offering benefits to all stakeholders

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